Brain Activity Mapping

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Plug in application for the Emotiv headset displays a real-time map of your mental activity in four significant brainwave frequency bands. These are:

Delta (0.5-4Hz)
– indicating deep sleep, restfulness, and conversely excitement or agitation when delta waves are suppressed

Theta (4-8Hz) – indicating deep meditative states, daydreaming and automatic tasks

Alpha (8-15Hz) – indicating relaxed alertness, restful and meditative states

Beta (15-30Hz) – indicating wakefulness, alertness, mental engagement and conscious processing of information


Ambient Control through Cognitive Data

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The Emotiv headset allows users the ability to wirelessly control objects through expression, emotion and cognitive data.Based on the EEG technology, emotiv has transformed the cognitive control patterns into a wearable remote control. This headset allows for control of real-time data which can directly a UI or environment. For example, your mood state could drive the meta-data relationships in a user interface to show you only particular images from your Flickr account or directly affect the physical geometry of the user’s seat as they read a book.

EEG Machine and IBVA Visualiser

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Electroencephalography (EEG) is the recording of electrical activity along the scalp produced by the firing of neurons within the brain, recorded from multiple electrodes placed on the body. The IBVA ‘Interactive Brainwave Visual Analyser’ visually interprets the electrical activity within the brain and graphically presents it on a computer interface. It is an electronic mirror for the mind, essential to record and then allow analysis of brainwaves for creative Neurofeedback. EEG machines can be used to monitor electrical brain wave data of arousal, relaxation and alertness. Fragrance manufacturers have for many years been trying to demonstrate that certain smells are relaxing, this could be proven with the EEG machine.

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