Peripheral Technology

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Designs that calms and informs are not usually met together, but both are needs of the human body. Technology is more often the enemy of calm. Mobiles, Internet, Apps and Email bombard us every day all day in some cases. Can we really look to technology itself for a solution?

The difference is in how technology engages our attention. Calm technology engages both center and the periphery of our attention. Obtrusive technology engages only the center of our attention.

A calm technology will move easily from the periphery of our attention, to the center, and back. This is fundamentally encalming, for three reasons.

  1. We are able to attune to many more stimulants that appeal to our periphery attention than our central attention that can only be commanded by variant.
  2. The part of our brains that are attuned to the periphery also process sensory information. Meaning the peripheral processing is more emotional.
  3. The periphery is able to not overburden our minds as we are only alerted to the stimuli when there is something that is not right. We unconsciously chose what becomes central in our minds.

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