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Perception is simply the process of attaining awareness or understanding of sensory information. The balance of past experiences, culture and genetics form a sensorial picture that shapes our perception of situations. Multiple interpretations can be drawn from one sentence, picture or building, it is how we interpret the sensorial and past information that dictates its perception.

Sensory memory has the ability to recall impressions of sensory information retained from previous events. When exposure to poignant stimuli  are built up into a perceptual picture, these stimuli are stored as memories. In a perceptual picture, a plethora of senses are stimulated and therefore when a sensory memory is recalled synaesthesia is activated. Synaesthesia is the term used to describe the ability for your brain to perceive one sense through another. For example, to look out outside at a cold day (visual stimuli) and shiver (haptic stimuli). The sensory memory has the ability to not only recall the sense stimulated but the synaesthesia connected.

At the level of architectural experiences, or more specifically the human response to places, it is clear that the perception of space has a great responsibility in generating a change in our mood and performance. We know that architectural settings can have profound effects on people. We all experience a change in mood, stimulation or elation when entering an environment. An immense amount of visual, auditory, olfactory and gustatory stimuli passes through the sensory system and sent to the cortex in microseconds. Resulting in a perceptual picture in our opinion of our environment.

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